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We visualise a lot 😉. hello energy visualises data and content that has to do with energy and sustainability. How about your monthly energy usage compared to the average household? Or the energy production of your solar panels compared to the trees you’d have to plant. Or comparing various of your portfolio’s buildings – which one performed the best over the last month? Scroll down to see some examples!


✔️ Do your building’s users know there are solar panels on the roof?

✔️ Do they know how much energy your solar panels produce and what impact that has?

Our feeds help you answer “yes” to all those questions. Point out those (often invisible) technical miracles in plain sight where visitors can see them.


Did you know LED lighting uses way more of its energy than traditional bulbs? Old-fashioned bulbs convert a large part of their energy into useless warmth, while LED bulbs convert almost all of their energy to lighting. No more burnt fingers, you save a lot of energy, and there’s less risk of fire. We don’t just assume innovations like LED are more sustainable. We find out why they are and communicate it in an easy-to-understand and positive way. That makes everything more clear, more inspiring, and more activating.

Data dashboard
Data dashboard

If your building has lots of kinds of data and a geeky audience, our data dashboard is ideal. You can imagine you’re in the cockpit of the building: there’s all kinds of things happening and nothing escapes your notice. Such a smart building!

✔️ Compare various parts of the building

✔️ Compare various energy sources

✔️ Compare energy destinations (how many kWh are used by the lighting, the climate system, ✔️ or the café?)

✔️ etc.

Overview hello energy
But this is just the beginning!

Above, you find a few examples, but there’s much more we can do. All we need is some data or content, and we’ll get you understandable, inspiring visualisations. And we’d love to hear your brilliant ideas.

✔️ show your available parking spots

✔️ explain clearly what a BREEAM certificate is

✔️ or explain what a WELL certificate is

✔️ compare your portfolio’s energy usage and showing a top 3

✔️ making your portfolio’s solar panel’s production understandable

✔️ show how much energy you’ve saved with a simple saving measure

✔️ show your energy usage pattern – are you using less energy when no one’s in the office?

✔️ show random tips to live more sustainably, personalized to your audience and building

✔️ show your location’s weather information

✔️ public transport departure times so you can keep your car off the roads

✔️ data on the air quality indoors and outdoors

✔️ explain what your ATES does

✔️ show how efficiently the loading dock doors of your distribution center open and close

✔️ explaining animations on

✔️ district heating



✔️ energy monitoring

✔️ LED

✔️ and much more!