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Your building might not use narrowcasting via hello energy. Please check with your client.

If hello energy provides narrowcasting for a building, a 43” TV screen, a media player, and a content management system are standard.

hello energy provides:

✔️ 43” TV screen

✔️ Media player

✔️ Content management system

✔️ Installation and delivery of the narrowcasting system

Installer provides:

✔️ 2 sockets

✔️ 1 fixed internet connection

✔️ Read our guidelines for positioning these electricity and accessibility points here.


✔️ The wall on which the screen is mounted should be strong enough to hold the 10 kg screen (no drywall). This risk will be held by the client.

✔️ Sockets and internet connections need to be connected and tested 3 days prior to the installation date of the screen. Proof of this (photos and signal strength) need to be sent to hello energy.

✔️ A dedicated, not shared, fixed internet connection with a speed of at least 50 Mbits/s.

✔️ The media player network setup works with DHCP. There is no fixed IP or port specification to run the narrowcasting application, just the regular https protocol.

Other situations for which further contact is required:

✔️ More than one screen is required. A design needs to be made beforehand and approved.

✔️ Other screens are required (bigger screen, a touch screen, tablet, video wall). A design needs to be made beforehand and approved.

✔️ The screen(s) need to be built into furniture. A design needs to be made beforehand and approved.

✔️ Network setups with fixed ip-adress configurations or mac-adress security settings.

In case the screen will be built in a cabinet or wall the the design and setup needs to be approved by hello energy first.