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As a company, you are obliged to conclude a metering contract with a metering company for a large-scale connection of electricity or gas. You can choose a metering company yourself.

As a small-scale consumer (households and small businesses) you cannot choose a metering company yourself. The grid operator takes care of the meter and the measurement of small consumption. The costs are on the account of the network operator as 'transport costs'.

A metering company is responsible for recording the meter readings of the electricity meter and/or gas meter and passes them on to your network operator. Metering companies often also sell, rent and repair various meters. The metering company owns your gas and/or electricity meter.

Only a certified metering company may take meter readings and carry out repairs on the meter. TenneT, the national operator of the high-voltage network, provides the certification.

You conclude a contract with a metering company for installing, renting and reading meters. The metering company offers insight into consumption via a portal. A metering contract usually runs for 5 years and is settled monthly.

When choosing a metering company, you should pay attention to:

• Monthly rate

• Can a metering contract be dissolved when the property is sold (owner) or at the end of the lease (tenant)?

• Can data be made available to hello energy for free?

• When changing metering companies: must the electricity or gas be temporarily shut off for a meter change and if so, can this take place outside working hours?